Mariola Laschet’s working method resembles an exchange of blows between the paint and her painterly gesture. The venues are canvases or found objects. Just as every picture begins with a spot of paint, Mariola Laschet creates painterly objects from whatever is lying around, whatever she comes across or whatever is within reach. She combines all of this, paints it, deforms it and puts it into a new context. She is not interested in depicting the physical world, rather she wants to break with the familiar and the fixed of everyday life; to counteract the atrophy of the imagination. Any section of this world is collected, digested and then transformed into images and objects. In the process, countless spaces for play and thought open up to her during the work process. A cosmos full of possibilities. She cannot foresee what will happen. Mariola Laschet’s pictures and objects are not conceived and fixed from the outset. As she works on them, they change to the same extent as her thoughts. The color forms visible in the paintings become shapes, amorphous, sometimes disembodied forms, sometimes organic-looking bodies. The found objects, freed of any function, are transformed into independent little beings. All in all, they create their own worlds, realities of their own formal realities. What remains is a narrative microcosm that is expanded by the titles, such as „Tuumugtu“, „Gatuum“ or „Pülupp“, which are free in their meaning but not arbitrary. What can be seen remains a matter of imaginary potential.



Born April 1977 in Groß-Strehlitz (Upper Silesia/Poland), Mariola Laschet lives and works in Germany as a visual artist specializing in painting, drawing and objects.

1987 Resettled in Germany/North Rhine-Westphalia.

1998 to 2000 worked at the Schauspielhaus Bochum in the stage design department under the renowned stage designer Markus Mayer and Albert Barsacq.

2001 to 2005 involved in several animation productions as a draughtswoman and illustrator.

Visual artist since 2005. Freelance lecturer for painting and drawing.


Exhibitions / Selection


  • Alte Handelsschule Leipzig, ARS AVANTI e.V.
  • Percussion meets canvas / Project with Simon Camatta supported by the Alfried von Bohler und Halbach Foundation.   
  • Room 55, vernissage of the resulting works, project „Percussion meets canvas“
  • C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr, Photo/Media Art Fair, Essen


  • Room 811, Exhibition Space, Bochum
  • The cleaning art lab. project room. Gallery, Essen
  •  jETZT art space/ gallery, Essen
  •  KIOSK24, offspace, Herford


  • RAUM 55, art space/offspace, Essen
  • Kunsthalle Scherlebeck, machine hall, Herten
  • Zeche Zollern LWL Industrial Museum, BBK, Dortmund
  • Kunsthaus Essen, exhibition series „HOME“ part 4/5 Interactions
  • Gallery for contemporary art CLOWNS & PFERDE, Essen


  • Prize of the Vestischer Künstlerbund e.V. , Kutscherhaus Recklinghausen
  • C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr, INNOVATIVE ART FAIR, Talents, Essen
  • Kunst Aktuell, Kunstverein Rosenheim, Municipal Gallery


  • Kunsthaus Oberhausen, „NARROW SPACE“ 
  • Forum Art and Architecture, Essen
  • CITY OF GOLD, exhibition format KEIN EINLASS 02. art space, Essen 


  • Dortmund Municipal Gallery Torhaus am Rombergpark
  • Ewald Colliery, Herten Extraschicht        


  • Kunstverein kunstwerden e.V, Essen
  • art in the tower, Lippstadt


  • Art 99 Gallery, Worpswede
  • JesusChris Gallery/Art Space, Essen


  • C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen
  • Off-space, DamenundHerren Düsseldorf
  • Kunstraum hafenkult e.V., Duisburg


  • Museum Ostwall, Dortmund  
  • Contemporary & Fine Urban Arts Berlin, „CONTURBANARIES“


  • Kunstraum Unten , Bochum
  • Kunstverein Ottobrunn, Upper Bavaria “ Artiges 2012″


  • Museum Kunstpalast, large art exhibition NRW Düsseldorf
  • Baden Art Forum, Ebringen
  • 33rd International Art Exhibition Hollfeld/ Bayreuth


  • Kunstforum Löwenhof, Frankfurt am Main
  • Nomination for the Löwenhof Prize for Young Visual Artists


  • NOAH Gallery, Bonn


  • Walter Art Museum, Bonn
  • Nomination for the LEONARDO art prize, Bonn 
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